Uniontown, Washington


Uniontown History:

In 1874, founder Thomas Montgomery filed a homestead claim and in 1979 he filed the plat for Uniontown. Montgomery bought and sold property in Uniontown until 1883 when he was given money for a property transaction with D.M. White of Lewiston for the real estate. Montgomery never returned.

Father Anton Joehren. Started the project of building the existing St. Boniface church in 1888 but because of his difficult nature, the Benedictine Sisters moved from Uniontown to the new parish in Colton, WA in 1894. This church still stands today and is currently listed on the National Historic Register.

Uniontown used to thrive as a commercial, manufacturing, transportation, social and farming center. However, over the past 50 years, Uniontown has been affected by two major factors: 1) as farming was mechanized, the size of farms was increased and the number of people needed to work a farm was reduced. 2.) The other major change was in transportation including road improvements and the development of barge transportation on the Snake River. These changes resulted in the discontinuation of train service in 1981 and centralization of commercial services in larger nearby communities.


Uniontown, with a population of 331, is located 15 miles south of Pullman.   Every first Sunday in May and December the Idaho-Washington Concert Chorale performs at St. Boniface Church.

Uniontown host two major event every year:
Sausage Feed ~ This annual event is held the first Sunday in March. Thousands of area people gather to enjoy Uniontown’s old fashioned, German style, all you can eat meal with homemade sausage, sauerkraut, apple sauce, potatoes, corn and pies. The proceeds from the Sausage Feed are used to maintain and repair the community center.

Flea Market and Yard Sale – This annual event is held on the third Saturday in August. This event offers a variety of crafts, antiques, collectibles, wood-working, furniture both refurbished and hand made, upholstery, paintings & yard sale items.