Moving Tips

The following is a moving checklist designed to make your move easier.

Pre-Move Address Change
Leave forwarding address with Post Office
Send in change of address to all Charge Accounts and Credit Card Lenders
Allow 6 weeks for magazine and other subscription changes
Send out notices of change of address to family and friends

Transfer funds and set up check cashing.
Arrange credit references

Change auto, life, fire and health insurance

Utility Companies
Gas, light, water, phone, fuel, and garbage
Get refunds on deposits

Delivery Services
Laundry, newspaper, changeover services
Medical, dental and prescription history
Medical and other referrals, transfer prescriptions, eye-glasses, all records

Regulations, vaccinations, tags, etc.
Plan pet transport

On Moving Day
Have travelers checks to cover immediate costs
Let friend know of schedule and stops for messages
Recheck all drawers, closets, attic, etc. to be sure they are empty
Turn off all lights, close and lock windows and doors
Confirm arrival time with moving company
Keep important documents and keys handy
Leave old keys with Realtor, buyer, or tenant

At your New Address
Get certified or cashier?s checks needed to close real estate transaction
Check on phone, gas, electric, water, garbage, newspaper and other services
Inspect pilot light on stove, heater and furnaces and have all appliances checked
Check/Test smoke detectors and locate fuse box or circuit breakers.
Change driver?s license address and car registration
Check postal service and make sure all phones are working
Install new locks
Introduce yourself to your neighbors
Register children at school and check on church of choice
Select and visit doctor, dentist, veterinarian.