Latah County


 Latah County Publicity Tract, 1903:
“If you want to live in peace, comfort and contentment, unterrified by winds, cyclones, thunder and lightning, sunstroke, lizzards, or cloudbursts, come to Latah County, Idaho.  We are exempt from all these things that continually destroy life, property and peace of mind in the East.”

• Latah County is the only county in the United States to have been created by an act of Congress.  Pres. Grover Cleveland signed the legislation creating the county on May 14, 1888.  Prior to this Latah County was part of Nez Perce County until a committee of residents campaigned for their own county.

• The word Latah comes from the blending of two Nimiipuu (Nez Perce) words: La-koh, meaning “white pine trees,” and Tah-ol, the term for the stone pestles the Nimiipuu used to grind camas roots.  Latah meant “the place of pine and pestle,” a reference to the county’s stands of timber and fields of grass from the past.