Genesee, Idaho

geneseeGenesee History:

Originally Genesee was a village that grew up about a mile east of the present town beginning in 1872.  When in 1888 the Spokane & Palouse Railway was extended to Genesee, the owner of the townsite, Jacob Rosenstein, asked what was considered an exorbitant price for right-of-way and grounds.  As a consequence the reailway built its terminus a mile west of the village, and the original town was forced to move to the present location.

After the village moved, Genesee expererienced a period of rapid growth.  In the heart of some of the most productive farming land in the county, it became a trade and supply center for a fairly large area.  Hay and grain warehouses sprang up along the tracks, and business boomed on the main street.  


Genesee is located 15 miles south of Moscow, nestled among the rolling wheat fields of the Palouse.  It sits at 2675 feet and has maintained a population of around 800 since the rapid growth of the 1900’s.

Its convenient position halfway between Moscow and Lewiston allows it to serve as a bedroom community for both. Genesee’s old family farms can be proud to boast the riches dryland farm ground in the nation.