Deary, Idaho


History of Deary:

This area was settled in the 1880’s and 1890’s predominately by Scandinavians from the midwest.  In 1905 Potlatch Lumber Company engineers decided to locate a station of the WA, ID & MT railway on this site.  The town was named after the company’s general manager, William Deary, who secured the claims and set up the Deary Townsite Company to sell land after it had been cleared of timber.  When sales of lots began in 1907, Deary grew quickly.  After the 1920’s, with dwindling activity of the lumber industry in this vicinity and the paving roads to Moscow, Deary settled into its present role as an outlying agricultural community.  


Deary, 22 miles, and Bovill, 30 miles to the east of Moscow offer small town living. Deary sits at 2860 feet with a population of ~528.  Bovill sits at 2870 feet with a population of ~295.

While ranching and logging are still the primary industry, Bovill and Deary are nestled in a beautiful mountain meadow, with opportunities for great camping, hunting & fishing available in all directions.